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(Passages in red font are for the "evil way")

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You have just escaped from Gladstone’s dungeons, have changed your shape three times and have found safety in the Draracle’s cave, while the Gladstone guards are still behind you. You’ve got no weapons, no armour, nor any other equipment. Actually, this first part is not difficult at all. It’s just about getting familiar with the controls. First, you should go to the stone formation, take a stalagmite and use it as a weapon. You should also go to the nearby water on the right side and take three aloes from the walls, because they can cure wounds. Now leave the cave in the west and wait until the guards are gone. Attack the last guard to get his armour and weapons. You could go south now, but the guards are heavily armed and it’s very unlikely Luther would survive that. Go to the north instead. On your way, you’ll find a huge rock blocking your way, so go down the right passage, where you’ll change your form. If you change into lizard form, run through the passage, if you become a beast, go back and push the rock away by walking against it. While continuing your way north, you’ll pass a huge underground lake and then get to a passage with some construction of columns. You can click on the columns and pull them out of the way to get through. Once you’re through, turn around and destroy the right, weak column, so the guards cannot follow you. Keep right of the columns, so you’ll find a room with four exits. In the northwest you’ll find some boxes and a passage that seems unreachable (above). If you put three boxes on top of each other, then two boxes on top of each other next to those and two little boxes next to them, you’ll get stairs to get into the hidden room. Although there’s nothing else but a broken club and an orc shield, toying around with the boxes will provide you with exercise which you’ll need later on (dark chambers). The next room features a former member of the Dark Army, who’ll recognize you, if you click him. He has a present for you, but he’ll die before he can give it to you, but not before telling you where he has hidden it. The door to the southeast is closed and cannot be opened, but you’ll find a chain next to the door. If you destroy it (by attacking it), the door will open and you can go through. In this room you’ll find a stone of the ancients, hidden in the garbage in the back of the room. Now leave this area, go back to the columns and go farther. The black pools here are oil and can easily be lightened by using the spark spell (if you do it well, you can get rid of a guard that way). Pass him and collect all the aloe you find on your way. Now you’ll get to a big chamber with a lava lake in the middle. Go north near to the edge. By continuing your way north, you’ll get to a bridge leading across an underground lake. The guards will close down the room behind you. If you pull the leveller to the left, both the gate and the door to the guards’ room will open. Get yourself the arbalest, the pyrashell and the guardian sword. Now cross the bridge and open the doors to get to the Draracle.

Go through the door and to the table in the next room. Don’t worry about the skeletons. As long as you leave them alone, they will leave you alone, too. In general, you should not attack anything that doesn’t appear to be an enemy on the first sight. You can now pull the leveller on the wall and go through the mirror to the southern continent, but there are much more interesting things to find than the presents on the table. When you click on the tapestry and then on the wall behind, a secret passage will open, which will lead to the Draracle’s museum. Here you’ll find lots of interesting exhibits. Make sure you get the skeleton key from right wall at the end of the entrance hall. If you put him into the triangle-shaped mounts, you’ll be told about the exhibits. You should keep the key until the end. It’s the only way to open the chests in the Town of the Ancients, which hold a lot of secret stuff. Once you have taken the Skeleton key or any other item from the museum, the guards will come and try to take it away. If this is the case, kill he thief and get the stuff back. So watch out. If you explore all of the area, you should be able to find lots of interesting equipment, e.g. “Long Sword Prism” or “Axe of the long arm”. There are only three tricky places in the museum. Right at the beginning, there’s a sphere being held by a dragon claw. Once you click on it, it will tell you about the museum. Directly in front of the sphere, there’s a hidden opening in the ground. Click on it and a key mount will come out of the ground, which will open a secret room behind the sphere. There, you’ll find the scrolls “spark”, “healing” and “summoning”. Use the summoning scroll (right mouse click) to learn the spell. Using a scroll will allow you to A) learn a spell in case you didn’t have it before and B) to cast the spell if you already had it before. In the north, you’ll find a collapsed area that you cannot enter. If you cast a spark spell, one of the boxes will open and you’ll get the dragon’s stone. In the far east of the museum, there’s a closed down exhibition about time voyages. You can get into there by pulling the hidden leveller behind the last picture in the northern gallery. Once you’ve gotten in there, destroy the sand-glass and the crumbling wall with a number of strikes. Jump through it to leave the area. Now run down the corridor and kill the last skeleton. Open the door by shoving the bolt to right, mouse held, and click the dragon to get to the Southern Continent.

This area is huge, making it hard to get the least glimpse of where to find important places here. After your arrival, you’ll find yourself on a clearing. In the north, you’ll find two-headed cat creatures. These will sometimes attack you, sometimes they won’t. There are lots of wild creatures in the woods and it’d be better not to attack them – don’t attack any creatures that don’t attack you. Don’t go beneath the spiders, because they will poison you. There are quite a lot of bushes with bright leaves within this jungle. Collect them, as they are aloes which can heal you. Should you cross bee hives, take some wax with you, but you shouldn’t do that too often, which would make the bees angry. If you continue north, you’ll find a Huline man around a corner, who guards the village. He won’t let you enter, because Shalla and her daughter are missing. Logically, it’s our task to look for her. In the west you’ll find some Huline mothers, who are not pleased to see you, apparently. They distrust you and they won’t tell you much. Perhaps, they’ll complain about you not being a nice guy. Luther should first visit Kit’yara by keeping west between the two rivers that border the woods. If you see a double bridge across the northern river, you’re almost there. Now go a bit south and then west. Kit’yara seems to be extremely glad to see you and will allow you to plunder her hut without complaining. Swords, Gargoyle Bracers and a bow. She will tell you about the Long Sword Firestorm that seems to be perfect for your purposes, but you cannot have it yet. She will also tell you about Spheres of Power, the monastery and the savages, who live across the river (east to your starting point). After you have left her hut, take the way south (auto map). There you’ll – again –meet two Huline women. After the following conversation, go west. There is an area with permanently re-growing tendrils, which you can destroy at some places (the auto map will show you where to find those places. Besides, you can see through those a little bit in 3D). If you destroy them with the sword, they’ll re-grow within a few seconds. If you burn them with the spark spell, they won’t. Should you be in lizard form right now, burn them down (maybe you’d better wait afterwards until you re-change into human shape). In the southwest, you’ll find a lake you have to go to. On the other side you’ll find the entrance to the caves. This is where Shalla is held captured.

The caves are a hot and unstable matter. Don’t worry about the steam, but about the green areas – their steam can poison you by walking across them. Also watch out for cliffs, lava and falling down rocks. Go through the caves until you come to a room in which you face a two-headed beast with lots of arms. Kill the “Multiarmed Death”, as the Huline’s call it, and search his nest in the north of the cave. The plate armour in there will come in handy. GOOD STUFF! To the west, there’s a huge ravine, which you will have to cross. Attack the ceiling with a wide-range weapon (bow). These will make parts of it crumble. The ruins will bridge the ravine. Cross it and take the left way at the next intersection. Somewhere here, there’s the spider-like creature we will have to get rid of. In the north you will find Shalla, who hides in a small cave (as long as the spider lives, you won’t get to Shalla!). As soon as you have convinced her of the spiders’ deaths, she will head for the Huline Village. Go back to the intersection and take the other way that leads you to a big lava lake, in which a few rocks swim like islands. Jump from island to island to get to the northern exit (the lava luckily is not lethal, but still painful). In the north you’ll find a chamber with lots of amber. In the West, there’s a room with lots of columns that base the ceiling. Behind, you’ll find a sword in the wall, which is guarded by two statues. Creep between the columns (easy as a lizard, difficult as a human being, impossible as a beast). Now it’s all about speed: Grab the sword and run out of the cave, as this part of the cave will crumble a few seconds after you’ve taken the sword. You’ll get the same effect, if you attack the columns. You may not be able to use the sword now, because it is too big and heavy, but it will be of use later on. Now leave the cave and go back to Huline Village.

Now that Shalla is safe, you’ll easily get into the village. Here, there are only a few things to do, but you can further the story and get some credit. Keep left of the entrance. Follow the edge of the village until you meet a Huline man in a lane. He will give you the secret password “Ank Man”. Now go to the southern end of the village and enter the tavern (in the middle of the screen), in which you’ll meet Baccata. He will tell you that Dawn does some research about old magic here on the Southern Continent. He will let you go if you give him your word to come back. Next, go through the village to the mage’s house, which is directly north of the entrance. If you ask him about old magic, he will take some of you magic, allowing you to take some of his belongings. Besides you can let Ra’shar repair Tohan’s Great Sword with a Sphere of Power. Here you can get three fire crystals, a mana foil, warcluster and a speaking stone that shows you the sinking of an ancient city. Now go to the king, who lives in the west. He’s a unconcerned and will ignore you. The following part is optional and will not match everyone’s taste. Go further west until you find an abandoned house. Click on the cellar and then on the door. The password will grant you access to the thief guild. The assisting “store keeper” will get you Kit’yara’s “firestorm” if you kill the kings guard, a guy named Kelsrick. You can also get a weapon poison and a skull key. Kill Kelsrick. You may also pull the leveller behind him and kill the king. He has six Stones of the Ancients, which are worth our attention. Once you’ve done your job, go back to the guild and get your sword. Here you’ll also find the exit out of the village. No matter if you’ve killed Kelsrick or not, leave the village and get into the woods.
On the east side of the village is a small river, which flows through the village`s wall. There is also big stone in it. If you hit the stone, oil will come out of it and the water will carry it beyond the walls. Now cast the spark spell on it to blow the entire village up!

Our next destination should be the monastery. But before going there, we should take a look at some places, we’ve missed before. Directly north to Kit’Yara’s hut, at the river, there is a waterfall. If you explore it, you’ll find a lightning crystal and you’ll be able to enter the cave in the west, where you find a dead body who possesses (uh… possessed) another Speaking Stone, that tells us about the end of a great battle. If we now follow the stream to the very east, we’ll find another water fall. Down at the waterfall, at the northern beach, there’s a small passage, through which you can creep. Here you will find a recipe scroll and a summoning scroll. The summoning scroll is bound to a trap and as you should already have this spell, it’s not worth getting the scroll. Now leave the room, go south at the edge of the waterfall, wait until you change into lizard form and run through the tunnel. Keep south, cross two rivers and you will arrive at a bridged mud lake. You cannot cross the bridge in monster shape, as it would break. On the other side of the bridge, you’ll find the monastery. Once you’ve entered the monastery, there are several rooms available: behind in the yard, you’ll find the vegetable-general, who is a pure waste of time. In the library, you will find Dawn. She proposes to go to Brother Julian, who hides behind the closed doors in the middle of the monastery picture. He will be delighted to hear stories about the Draracle, but he will need wax copies of the runes, hidden deep in the caves. He will give you a flute to use the elevator.
Evil way: attack Dawn, she will teleport away.

Leave the monastery and go back to the caves. Remember to take at least one piece of wax with you (you can get it from the wax hives in the woods). Remember the area in the west we left untouched for the moment? Now it’s the right time to take a closer look at it. On the right side near the elevator, you’ll find four runes. Remember the order. Go to the edge and use the flute. The elevator will now come up. It can be controlled through the vertical strip. Each button represents one of the floors. Most floors have a “call” button for the elevator. In the following instructions, I have numbered them from the upper-most to the basement.

  1. floor: Call the elevator with the flute.
  2. floor: by clicking on the three blocks, you will open a spring that can heal you, if you’re wounded.
  3. floor: Here, there’s another spider creature. Kill it and creep into her nest in the room behind to get two lightning crystals and a Net of Exile.
  4. floor: Here you’ve got amber and a lizard tunnel to floor six.
  5. floor: By clicking on the free blocks on the left side, you’ll open an entrance in the wall. If you follow this extremely steep way down to the ground, you’ll find another spider creature. On half the way down, there’s a detached hand that wears a ring of cure (it’s worth taking it with you).
  6. floor: Once you enter this area, it will close down behind you. Climb the ramp to get to a room with three buttons to your right. Push these buttons in the same order as the ones on the first floor were displayed (left left right above). This lifts the ramp and grants you access to another room. In this room, you will have to put the three blocks into the free correctly marked niches, by pulling and pushing. After this, two other rooms will open and the block that blocked your way back will also disappear. Get the two items from the chambers (the bow “Shift” and the “Death strike shield”. In one corner of the room, there’s another little hole that contains Kelen’s Ring and a piece of wax. You should now have at least two pieces of wax.
  7. floor: Run into the room and grab for the scroll. The room will start to sink down and you’ll have to evade the two rolling stone spheres for a few moments. The ground “stops” on the eighth floor.
  8. floor: Go to the exit that looks as if there’s oil on the ground. Do not step into that corridor yet, as it will explode. Instead, put the flute in the niche in the wall right of you. A kind of way appears, that allows you to pass. Instead of going through the right corridor now, open the secret door ahead of you. The corridor behind will help you to pass the knives. Then turn left and go to the end of the corridor. Turn around and watch the big sphere making a whole into the ground.
On one side of the whole, there’s a torch which is not yet lightened. Lighten it with the spark spell and jump into the hole. On one side of the cave, there’s a mount for a stone of the ancients. On the other side, there are the runes carved into a totem. Use the wax on them to get a copy. Do this twice.
Evil way: Before jumping into the hole, put one piece of wax on the floor. Then jump down and make one copy. Dawn will take it from you, as you leave the hole, click on her when she teleports away to steal the charm for the “recession” spell. (she will take all copies and wax pieces!) Then pick up the wax, and make another copy
Now leave the caves and go back to daylight. You will meet Dawn. Give her one of the wax copies. Go back to the Monastery and talk to Dawn in the library. She will give you a charm which you should use, because it teaches you the “recession” spell. Then go to Brother Julian and give him the other copy. He will also give you a Sphere of Power. If you didn’t get “Long Sword Firestorm” from the store keeper, you can now get it from Kit’yara. Now go north, keep right and head for the river of Bane. On the way you will meet Kit’yara, who will give you a present for her son, so the savages will let you pass. Being evil, you can also kill her and take the dagger from her corpse, but that’s not necessary. We also meet Baccata, who wants to take you to the other side of the river to the guards. Evil way: attack Baccata while he is sleeping. As soon as you’re across the bridge, it will be destroyed by spiders. Use this chance to escape into the jungle of the savages.

When entering the jungle, you’ll meet the Savages, especially Daniel, whom you’ll give Kit’Yara’s present. When they run into the jungle, Daniel, will drop the sword. Take it. Now go to the woods in the east and keep south. You will find the Huline Temple. Unfortunately, there will be nobody you want to meet, because the temple is closed. Now go to the north, to the „Village of the Savages“. As you meet the guard, who wants to disperse you, give him Daniel’s sword. He will now allow you to enter the village. Give Daniel the sword, so he keeps it. He won’t be able to give you helpful information, except for the advice to go. Leave his hut. Now explore the rest of the village. On the right side of the main road, you’ll find a herb specialist, who will allow you to take some herbs with you. In the centre, you’ll find a guru, who tells you that he can only help you if you become a member of their tribe. If you apply, he will give he will tell you to go to the Dracoid cemetery and get a Sliver Leaf.
Evil way: attack the guru, then you`ll have to fight against the three savages. Take the key to the dracoid cemetry and the green stone from the dead guru.
Now leave the village, but instead of hurrying fort he Dracoid Cemetery immediately, go south to the great hole. Jump from the middle over the elevations down to the ground to get into the Dracoid Ruins. (you’d better take a lot of saves, because – with average ability – you’ll need a lot of tries)

The ruins are a huge and dangerous area, so take savegames regularly and often. The ruins are also full of stone creatures that will shoot plasma balls and vicious dragon snakes (Ssars). Besides, you will find lots of crystal globes on columns. Use “spark” to lighten them. Most of them open new doors. If you go left immediately, you will come into a smaller cave where you can heal yourself, if you’ve changed into lizard shape. Between the red columns, you can get into a room, where you can find the Great Bezoar Ring, which protects you from heavy poisoning. Now go directly to the west. You will get to a river. If you lighten the crystal globe next to you, a bridge will be built, which will allow you to cross the river. Now go to the far west and enter the tower of the mage. As you may have noticed, there is a force field blocking the stairs, so go around the stairs instead, where you find a crystal globe. Go downstairs and take the stuff from that new room with you. Now go back to the force field and enter the room next to the place where you entered the tower. There’s another globe, which, once lightened, dispels the force field. Now would be a great moment to mention that there is a snake creature on each floor of the tower and that dispelling the force field allows it to come down to you, so be prepared. On the next floor, you will find another globe at the alcove near the stairs to lighten. There also is a platform with a claw on it. This is the “White Sphere’s Generator”. You may not be able to use it now, but it’s really important. On the next floor, there’s a creature in the alcove. Once you have defeated it, you can take the bracers from the niche. These bracers allow you to talk to the dead (at least that’s what the dead body of the just-slaughtered tells you). Besides, you will find a globe for the next floor. You will find nothing here, but you will discover a path later on, which will follow the river and allow you to jump through the window. Go to the main floor and get back into the caves. Right around the tower there is another globe that, once lightened, opens a door. There you will find a great mirror in the wall. Jump through it and you will be transported to a room your auto map calls “teleport room”. Now you can either explore the palace of the emperor or use three other mirrors. One leads back to the woods and will not allow you to return, one will bring you back to the one we just came from and the other one leads to the Dracoid cemetery, but the one there only works, if you have used this one before. Go through that mirror. If you go to the palace of the emperor before:

The first thing to notice is he high number of living dead, who you could/should and must ignore for most of the time, so you can concentrate on the buildings themselves. Unfortunately, most of them are magically sealed *there also is a house you can climb as a lizard (“four inclines with one column each I can remember” thx to omelette) where you can find a Reflecting Plate Armour and stones of the ancients* Most of the doors have stone faces next to them. I you click on them, an arrow will come on in either one of those three colours: White, yellow, blue. To open the door, you will have to put a glass sphere filled with the right colour into the mouth of the stone creature. Go to the north first. The last building on the left side is completely unlocked and can be entered immediately. Once inside, take the glass sphere from the ground. Search the caskets, there is a Bezel Ring in one of them. Now leave the cemetery with the globe, go to the teleport, jump through it and go to the tower of the mage. Use the globe with the claw and take it again. It should be filled with white magic now. Luckily, we only need one white sphere and the other generators are hidden on the cemetery. Go back to the cemetery, then to the wall in the west and then north. The second building (seen from the wall) in the north, can be opened with a white globe. In this building, there actually is nothing but a leveller at the entrance (in the building), which you should pull. It opens a secret door that opens the building directly to the south. If you enter that building, you find a glass globe on the floor, which you should take. Now go back to the entrance and click the barrel, so it falls on the side. Run against it and it rolls down into the building we just opened, where it bursts. If you go there and take a look, you will see that the ground is now covered with oil. Now we are getting to the funny parts. You should resist the temptation to light this via “spark”, because you’d better take a look at it from far away. Use a dragon blood and throw it into the oil, then run backwards out of the building. After the explosion, the way to the catacombs is open. Down here in the catacombs, you will find a generator for blue spheres. This one is in the north. There should be another glass globe, too. Load both globes with blue magic. To get out of this, you have to jump across the fences into the lower floors. It should be two fences. Look for the stairs that lead back to the southeast of the cemetery. Now go to the two buildings that need a blue sphere to be opened. In one you will find the arbalest “Valkyrie”, which should be a good weapon. In the other one, you will find the ghosts of an old Dracoid priest. You need the bracers of the dead (Tower of the mage) to talk to him, but you don’t need to wear them. He will give you a silver leaf if you find his body in the city beneath, burn it and put the ashes into the urn he gives you. Still, do not go back into the town yet, but take the other two spheres you have to the yellow generator, which is situated in the northwest of the stairs that lead into the catacombs. Now open all yellow doors on the cemetery. Each contains one sphere, one even two. Once you are done, you should have either three glass globes or two glass globes and a yellow globe. Anyway, at the end, you will need a yellow one, a blue one and a white one.

To get the ashes you have to explore almost all of the area, unfortunately. In the north of the ruins there is a river. Directly south, so in the middle of the ruins, there are two really important buildings: The one contains a statue that looks like Belial, the other one looks like a normal two-floors building If you climb the second floor, walk onto the left balcony and look around the corner of the building, you can push down the bars. There, you will see a path along the building that leads into the wall. Go this way to get to the river. You can go north along the river, then across the bridge and along the river (on the right side). At the end the end of this way, you’ll find a room to the right (there is water on the left anyway) and in this room, you will find the dead body and an altar. Pull the body onto the altar, lighten the two globes and corpse will be burned. Put the ashes into the urn and go back to the cemetery. On your way back you should once again stop at the mage’s tower and fill the last globe (white). You should also take another look at the rooms, as this is your last chance. In the northwest you’ll find a video scene from the “ancient times”. Once you’re back on the cemetery, you should take the two globes and return the ashes. It looks like you’re led further to a higher power. Take the ankh and go to the door in the southeast of the cemetery. Use the ankh with it. There are three boxes in this room. If you click them (provided that you are directly in front of them) they will open. Use the globes on them, while watching out for the colours, and the door behind will open. To open it completely, you should use the ankh once again. In there you will find another ghost, after you have clicked the coffin, who wants to get Belial’s statue to kill some kind of worm. Take his dead body out of the coffin and return to the ruins. Once you are in the ruins, go to the statue, but only once you are sure that you have explored everything directly in the north and west. In the north you will find a temple-like building and at the end of the corridor there should be the worm or something like that, of whom the Dracoid has spoken (the worm might be angry, but he won’t attack you). Now go to the statue and put the bones into the urn left to the statue. The Dracoid will now fill the statue with life. Follow the statue to the worm. The statue will kill it, but at the same time the ceiling will suffer from some cracks and water will fill the caves. Now run back to the temple room. Jump onto the desk near the waterfall. Desks can swim, which we use to our advantage of course. Wait until you have almost reached the ceiling. There is an entrance at the waterfall. Jump into it and run down the corridor, around the hole in the next room and through the hole in the opposite wall. Follow the way to the wooden door at the very top. Throw down the door and follow it. You should now stand on the door. The water should rise to the top of the room through the hole in the middle of the room and you can get up to the surface that way.

As soon as you are at the surface, you’ll meet Dawn. She will talk about the Huline Temple and what should NOT be done with statues and about conversations with the dead (and how you need no bracers for that anymore – hehe…) Give her the bracers (you really don’t need them anymore). Consequently, she’ll give you the „Human-Spell“ and another Speaking Stone.
If you are evil, she will attack you to get the bracers. You can give them to her or fight and then throw them away, you really don`t need them anymore. You could also keep them to understand the ghost thanking you, but that`s not necessary.

Go back to the Cemetery (maybe you’ll meet Bacatta hanging in a trap on the way. Just cut he ropes to free him. To keep him as a friend, you should go looking for him.) Being evil, just attack him while he is hanging. Go back to the room with the ghost and he will thank you – at least it looks like that. Anyway, all the mandragora plants on the cemetery will now turn into silver leaves. Take a few with you. You can also get the „Mist of Doom-Spell“. Now go back to village and give the silver leaf to the guru. He will tell you that you will have to fight one of the tribe to pass your exam. It’s not difficult, just light him (NOT THE GURU). Besides, the fight will end before anyone dies. The guru will now give you the liquid for the Lharkon and a lizard charm. Mix the liquid with the silver leaf to get the Lharkon poison.
Evil way: there is a hut with a platform you can enter. After lightening the torches there, the stairs will rise. This place is north of the temple and a little bit in southwest of the village. Use the green stone you took from the guru to open the door, you will find the liquid for the Lharkon and a lizard charm. Mix the liquid with the silver leaf to get the Lharkon poison. There is also a small building in the south-west, you can enter it now trough a small hole on the back side by changing into lizard form, you will find a charm for the human form there.
Then go east to the river. You will find a trunk there that points into your direction. You get across the river by landing on it. Save and do your best jump. Once at the other side, climb the hill and run to the Lharkon. Use the liquor to put him to sleep. Now you can pass him and enter the Claw Mountains.

Once you have arrived, you will meet Dawn. Talk a while, then head for the ice in the north. Evil: attack her after talking. You will find a clearing with an ice bridge. Ignore the bridge for the beginning and go straight on. There is a village with incredibly cute gorilla creatures. On the backside there are lots of tar pools and tar crystals. Nothing of interest, so go back to the bridge. Cross the bridge and go down to the ice tunnel. There is a lake on the next clearing. To your right, you’ll find a cave with a sleeping polar cat. This cat is exactly the same as those in the Huline jungle, with one difference: it’s white. Kill it and go into the lizard tunnel behind an ice stalagmite. In there, you will find stones of the ancients and a crystal globe which you can light (spark). This makes a little building appear in the middle of the lake. By jumping from ice floe to ice floe, you will get quite near to the building. On this, you will find the Great Axe “Blizzard”. Go further down the ice way. The next area is really dangerous (SAVE!!!!). Once you have entered the clearing, the snow beneath your feet will crumble. Your best chance is to run quickly straight on and keep near to the wall to your right. Everything will settle time after time, but the slope is too steep to survive a fall. In the wall on the other side of the canyon, you will clearly see wooden pins that come out of the wall like stairs. Go there and look directly down. You cannot use the pins that lead around the corner, so turn to the river instead (right at the corner) and take a little jump down to the pins. Now run down the pins until you’re on the river level. Now explore both sides. On the opposite side of the river, there’s kind of a gate. If you attack it, it will open and present a small passage. Enter it as a lizard. If you keep right, you should get to a room with a pool and some people frozen in the ice wall. The one directly in front of you holds a bow. Once you cast “spark” on him, he will melt and the bow will fall into the water. Grab for it quickly. This is the bow “Shard”. Now leave again. With a little bit of patience, an ice floe should soon come past you. Jump onto it. On half of the way you will find a cave in the outer wall. Jump into it to get the “Great Bezel Ring” and a recipe for acid. Now jump onto another floe and get back to your starting point. Watch out for the ice stairs along the cliff. To get on top again, you will have to climb the wooden stairs. There are lots of ways to fall into death here, so in case you are not exactly tired of life, take lots of saves. After you have arrived on top again, cross the avalanche zone and enter the caves on the other side. You will find dead Kenneth there. If you rob him, you should find Kenneth’s pendant with the picture of his girl friend. Throw it from some distance at a wall to get Kenneth’s charm, which is much better than the picture. If you are standing at the cliff, you can let yourself fall onto the stairs below, which lead to the inner core. When you enter it, you will meet Baccata. He will tell that Dawn is held captured in the citadel and that you are supposed to free her. Evil: attack him. He is too weak to help you, but you will most friendly inform you of the strong magic in the citadel. Cross the ice bridge beyond Baccata and enter the citadel.

This part of the game might be very frustrating (but it doesn’t have to). The creatures here move incredibly fast, use aggressive magic and are nerve-wracking in general. In addition, you should kill them all. But that doesn’t matter now, just go. The first will annoy you right in the first room. Click the globe at the end of the hall to open the door in front of you. There are two other creatures in the next room. If you click on the globe there, the doors to your left and right will open. The birth chamber is to your right. If you don’t attack and destroy the eggs, the Ruloi will reproduce at extreme speed and attack you heavily, so you’d better destroy all of them first. But be careful, as there is some kind of self-defence system which is connected to the eggs (one shoot for each destroyed egg). Better: Destroy the self-defence-system first. That makes the acid drain away and destroy the eggs. Now you can find lots of good items: On the other side you will find a corridor that leads to the elevator. Click the globe to activate it. The next room is huge and full of Ruloi. Take more save games than usual, because it’s easy to die here very quickly (beware of the pink columns). Now run around and kill all the Ruloi. Patience will lead you to victory. Once all are dead, you can take a look at the interior. Here are lots of globes you can click to make platforms come out of the ground, which hold several items. They contain almost all alchemist ingredients and lots of other useful stuff like lightning or fire crystals. In the north you will find to special rooms. The right one leads to a green pool with a black circle in the middle. Jump onto it to get to the prison. Here you will find three women (well… the one in the middle…) Once you have killed all the Ruloi, you can free them, but it won’t be of any use for you. The room to your left has a globe in the middle. If you click it, a passage in the north will open, same as a door you have not gotten to yet. Besides, the statue at the sides will fire at you. Run north to get into Dawn’s special cell. After talking to Dawn, go back to the hall and search for the stair-like, pink plates, which are fastened on the wall. You can climb them if you jump from one stair onto the wall and onto the next plate and so on. At the top, there’s a cannon, firing shots at the other side. On the place crossed by the shot, a path will appear for a short time. Walk across it quickly. Should the door on the other side still be closed, you have not clicked the globe mentioned in the last paragraph. Walk around the ring on the other side until you find the entrance to the core of the citadel. After the video, you will have to kill Belial’s clone, which shouldn’t be much of a problem after those creatures from below (even though they had their problems with him). Once he is dead, you can take the dream stone out of its mount *and you should go to the right mount and have Tohan’s Sword or Great Sword Firestorm refined. The fire sword will now turn into a deadly weapon which steals mana and health points from your opponent and thus makes you invincible for some creatures!* Now jump onto the teleport bringing you back to the entrance. Rescue Dawn (run down again, go to her cell and insert the dream stone), go back to the entrance, insert the dream stone right to the door and leave. Ways through the citadel:
  1. Use the Coward’s Shield from the acid pool, activate all globes (look for all items from the underground), kill Belial, refine “Firestorm” and rescue Dawn.
  2. Kill all the Ruloi, activate all globes (look for all items from the underground), kill Belial, refine “Firestorm” and rescue Dawn.
  3. Use the Coward’s Shield from the acid pool, activate all globes (look for all items from the underground), kill Belial, refine “Firestorm” and rescue Dawn. Then kill all the Ruloi, which shouldn’t be much of a problem with “Great Sword Darkstorm”, to get credits.

(Being evil, you don`t have to rescue Dawn).
Once you have left the citadel, go to the ravine. Look down until an ice floe comes across and use it as a raft. You can directly jump onto the shore or let yourself float a little bit longer >> you will find a cave in the ice wall, which you can jump into. Next, just cast spark at the wooden pin and get yourself the obsidian chain mail (the best ever) and the Bezoar Ring before they are gone << Now go back through the mountains into the Savage Jungle. You will have to cross the river by jumping at the left path. It’s possible, but still hard to do, even in lizard form (impossible as a human being). Now go back to the Huline temple and open it with the dream stone.

When you enter the temple, you will see an open room with a corpse lying on the ground. Pass it and go to the next room behind the door. You will find two bowls there. By clicking on the left bowl, Aloe will appear in it. If you do this, the steps described in the next paragraph cannot be done and you will be stuck in the temple forever. Place Aloe in the left bowl and poison (mix poison bags and eggs together) in the right, should you not have one of those left, just look into the next part. A platform will rise behind you. Pull the corpse from the first room onto it and click the body. You should now see a bolt of lightning that makes the corpse disappear. Next, go through the eastern exit. You will find yourself in a kind of chapel. Behind the altar in the north, aloe and poison are lying on the ground. Go on through the room and you will find a pool with a green crystal in front of it. Take the crystal.
Being evil, you should alerady have one crystal. As two of them are enough, you don`t have to mess around with the corpse to get the other one.
Annotation: Outside in the Savage Jungle, there was a hut with a platform you could enter. After lightening the torches there, the stairs rose. This place was north of the temple and a little bit in southwest of the village. The door there can be opened with the crystal. Behind you can find Kieran’s circlet and the Dagger of the empty hand, plus all ingredients for the Lharkon poison. That is made for another plot twist (kill the witch doctor, he has one of those green stones). As soon as you have taken the crystal (in the temple) you can also smash the columns which hold the roof. Once two are destroyed, the roof will shatter and block the entrance through which spiders could come to the surface. Go back to the entrance, take the second one left and go south. This way leads to a circle-like open-air room with a fountain. Pushing the button on the wall (right) at the entrance will make Aloe appear in the middle. In the north you will find the dormitories and the kitchen. Once you are there, a spider should break through the wall. Follow it into the next area. There is an infinite amount of spiders and you can’t kill them. Impossible. Really. In the next room, you will find three coffins to your right. In one you will find a flute. Go down the corridor opposite to the coffins and then take the left way. Right around the corner, there is a table with the dead body and a machine. Push the button and then click the body. After the extraction, a box will be behind the machine. Pull the box into the second machine and take the statue from its backside. Go back to the entrance with this statue. Go through the left door in the chapel and push the button on the left wall. Leave the chapel, go to the entrance, turn right after half of your way and go into the now open, small room. There you will find an alcove with lots of little statues behind bars. One small room is still open. Put your statue into it and grab for the green crystal. Go back to the entrance and take the first passage to your left. There are two great bowls with the crystal symbol on them. Put the crystals into them to open a wall, through which you can go now. Push the button and climb the stairs. In this room there are three extra-dimensional doors that lead to three extra-dimensional rooms. Take the left one first. You will find yourself at the beginning of a huge labyrinth room. Jump from platform to platform to get to the other side. If you fall, you will always find a ramp leading upstairs again. Keeping left is the best method here. Once you are on the other side, you will find another room with a long, winding path that ends with a statue. Get it! Ignore all attacks as far as possible. You will be teleported back to the entrance as soon as you have the idol. Now take the middle. Once you enter the room, the floor will tilt into one direction. Run to the upper side where you will find two buttons. Push them both. Then go off the floor, which makes it tilt again. Walk across it until it tilts into the other direction where you will find two other buttons. Behind the opening door you will find another idol (there also is some amber and gorgonite behind the table). Now go through the right one. In this room, you will find long, narrow paths. Run across each of them and push the button. You can also pick up the “Mist of Doom” scrolls. The bridge should now be on your level. Cross it and take the idol. Now you finally have all three idols. Go down the passage behind the gate in the middle. You will find a passage with a black floor. Does that ring a bell? It’s the same trap as the one from the caves at the beginning, with the only exception that it’s much more lethal. You can bridge it if you put the flute into mount to the right. The next ones are the knives. Here you also find a secret tunnel. The third one is the rolling sphere, the Indy-trap. Run down the corridor to the two buttons on the walls. Run past them, turn around and push both. Not only won’t you be squashed by the sphere, but a door will open, too. Go through it. In this room three mounts will fall from the ceiling. Put the three idols into them. The door on the far side of the room will now open. Here you will find a wooden bridge. Once you step onto it, it will sink a bit, but not enough. After a while, birds should come into the room. Kill them and pull them onto the bridge. As soon as you’ve got two or three of them, the bridge should finally sink down. Down there you will find another clone of Belial. Kill him and enter the hall of voices (auto map). Use the dream stone here to awaken the city of the ancients. You will be taken there.

You arrive on a balcony in the city. Take the elevator down to the main floor. For the geographic part, you could say that there is a central area, which is south of your position now. There are four towers, northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest of this area. Straight on in the south, there is a fountain and north of it are you. You must now solve the four tower riddles. To solve one of it, you will need four Ivory Chips (those things that look like pizza quarters snowed under). So you should first of all go and get them. Go to the right to the first “cross road”. At the point where the street turns north, you will find a gap in the wall. You will find the balcony there which appears on both one of the speaking stones and in a sequence you will see if you and the game in a wrong way. If you follow the road, you will get to a room with a cup in the middle. Directly in the east, you will find a room with three fountains. Freeze and destroy them. There are lots of ways to freeze something: Shoot it with the bow “Shard”, hit it with the Great Axe Blizzard or use an ice seed from the claw mountains. As soon as you have broken the ice, move the block at the entrance across the square on the floor. Now go down the stairs do the same thin with the block in this room. Jump from the block to the other side. Upstairs you will find a statue that has the chip. Now you’ve got to be really fast: Once you have the chip, the walls will crash. Run out of that room, jump back and go back to daylight. To do that, move the block on this side of the obstacle (best in advance). Go down the street to the west. In the south, you will find another room. Open the doors and look at the statue holding another chip. The abyss should not keep you from walking across it. It’s just another “Leap of Faith” test. A bridge appears as soon as you cross the abyss. You should now have two Ivory Chips. Now follow the main road to a room with lots of rising and sinking walls. You’ve got three important objects here: A revolving stone cuboid, a glowing red sphere and a glowing white one. Destroy them in the mentioned order. You should now see a great fireball come out of a pyramid. The fireball will fly through the room and destroy the middle of the tower in the north. Take the crystal from the door step and go upstairs. Move the box up there through the teleport. Go through it and move the box into the hole in front of you. Go around the teleport. You will find another field there. Far away, near to the centre, you will find a glowing octagon. Click it and a part of the tower will rise. I will call this “Increasing the tower”. You will have to do that at all four corners of the city. Now go back to the great crossroad and keep south. Directly in front of you, you will see a part of the tower. The more towers you increase, the more of the building will be visible. There is another room on the northern side of the room. Once you enter it, you will see a glowing force field right ahead. Lighten the two globes at the sides. In the side passages you must use spark on the globes to open the passage in between. Go in and lighten the globes. Now the force field should be gone. Inside, behind the force field, you will find the third chip. As soon as you take it, the lights will go out and the room will be flooded quickly. Go directly to the south (use your compass) to the wall. Click it to open it. You can now get onto the street again. Now go around the centre until you have reached the eastern side of the southern exit. The room in the south there contains another fountain. Freeze and break it and get the last chip. You should now have all the chips. Go around the road in the middle and take the western road. When the street turns south, you will find another room. You have to click the wall in the alcove to get into it. To make anything work here, you have to have the Skeleton Key from the Museum of the Draracle. The items are nothing special: A tar crystal, amber, poison bag, lampling eggs, rainbow sulphide, gorgonite and a brook trout. When you go south, you will find another room in the east. From this room you will get an overview of a room that reaches down to the underground caves. I have, unfortunately not found a way yet to reach that room from up above, or, the other way around, to get from below up to the city (but some people in the forum did :P) At the southern end of the road, you can find the room with the mounts for the Ivory Chips. Just insert the chips and increase the tower. Then go back to the middle and from that point south. At the end of this passage, you will find a fountain on top of some stairs. There is a water sphere about the fountain. Freeze and destroy it. This makes water flow into the channel behind the fountain, leading to water flowing into the third and fourth tower area. Without this, both missions are impossible. Go north and take the eastern way from the centre. By keeping south, after you have gone around the eastern corner, you will find a room on the right side. In there, you will find a small platform in front of a bigger one. As soon as you come nearer, six alcoves will open (two are around the corner). The first pair is a fire crystal and an ice seed, the second a stone of the ancients and a ring of regeneration and the third a lighting crystal and a stone cube. If you put one of the items onto the platform (it doesn’t even have to be from this room) it will turn into the other one on the smaller platform. When you go to the tower in the south, you’ll find a door in the western wall. Jump into this room over the channel and go upstairs in the south. Take some Black Lichids with you. Then, go south again and through the yellow doors. There are four doors here, but only one of each row will let you through. The line is: South, north, south, middle. After you are through, you will see the face of the Draracle above an oil pool. Go behind the fountain and light it, causing an explosion. Take the bow and go past the explosions outside. The pyramid is destroyed and way to the tower free. Increase the tower. (please note that you will die the moment the pyramid is destroyed in case there is no water running through the channel). Now go to the last tower in the north (it should be easy to see by clicking on the auto map). All you’ve got to do here is putting a silver leaf into the pyramid, click the octagon to water the area and then click the hour glass at the stairs. You can also grow herbs in the fields at the side. Put the herb onto the field, water it, click the hour glass and harvest. Now increase the tower. Now that the tower is fully increased, we enter it in the central part of the city. The weird distortion is the entrance. Inside you will find another clone of Belial. Having killed him, go through the last room. If you are evil: Baccata will attack you here. Slay him, and keep his staff, you will need it. In the back you will find another force field you can enter. This gives you the last spell level. You can now fully control the curse. Go back to the city and then to the south-eastern tower. Before following the road in the south, you can find a room in the north. In this room, light spheres come out of the walls, which have lots of doors on each side. Light all the globes behind the doors and then go through the door at the far end of the room. Move the curtain to find an empty fountain. In the next room, you will find a fountain with a dragon head in it. Attack the head until blood pours from it. Behind him, a door will open. The following corridor will lead to the teleport down to the underground caves.

Important: This area is full of green spiders. They are many and pretty nerve-wracking, but you can kill them all. But if you do, a brown spider will be created for each killed green spider. Those are even more nerve-wracking and extremely hard to kill. So: Just start running and ignore them as good as you can. Run through the corridors pointing to the south or west. In the very southwest there’s a room a ceiling that looks like flesh and has sticky hollows. In the back of the room, there’s a hollow in the wall. Hack the channels between ceiling and ground and go in. You are now in a non-walk (statue picture) part of the caves. Click on the left passage and then attack it to open it. On the right side you’ll find a tentacle that you can click on. If you do that, it will come off the wall. After a short time, a spider will come to repair the damage. On the link side, an entrance will open through which we go. Here, we hack a few more flesh channels and go into the lab.

Baccata will give you Belial’s horn, the only weapon that can be dangerous for Belial. Evil way: being dead, Baccata can`t kill Belials staute for you, so you have to do it by yourself. Use Baccata`s staff, you will have problems to harm the statue with other weapons. Take Belial`s horn from the dead statue. Go through the corridor to the room that bleeds from the middle. Change into lizard shape and jump into the small channel. Attack the bars which block the entrance. Run through and then up the left side, but stop before you get to the green tube. The slime here and in the next room steals your magic. Change back to human shape. You should now see three levellers on the other side of the slime stream (left). Shoot them with a bow. When all are down, a barrier will come up. Now jump into the stream and swim to the other side. Pull the levellers there again to make the barrier go down. This empties the next room, which you can now easily enter. There is a door around the corner. Behind, the ground is full of slime. Enter the complex and go north. When you reach a room without ground, you know you’re right. A button on the wall will make the bridge come down, so you can cross the abyss. At the end of the corridor, you can fall off the cliff and swim down the stream. At the end, you will finally get into a room where you can leave the stream. Go through the door, down the corridor and take the second door to your right. The auto map calls this the “summoning room”. In the corners, you can see transparent skulls. Cast a level one “ghost” spell (the same group that contains the “Mist of doom” spell) on each skull. When all four are in the middle, a little demon will be summoned. Kill him. By examining his body, you will find a stone of the ancients. Pull the body into the corridor and through the door you have passed. Pull him behind all of the blood fountains and put him onto the silver plate under the skull. This opens the door behind. Jump though the passage and take the lift down. You should now meet Dawn. Once you click her, she will give you an amulet that helps you destroying Belial’s illusions. Should you not get that amulet, you will have to kill them the old way.
Being evil, you will meet Dawn somewhere in this level, offering some... "favors" to you, if you give her your sword. She will kill you, if you do so, so just slaughter her.

When entering the room, you will see an amorph blob. This is the form that will give birth to Belial. Transfer your curse to Belial (level 5 curse spell). After a few kind words, he will get rough and leave you alone with some of his demons. Kill them, take the stones of the ancients and follow Belial through the door (just hit it until it opens or put a stalagmite into the mount). In the next room, you will meet Belial again. To get behind the barrier, you have to destroy at least one of the generators in the ceiling (the blue ones). Kill the demons after you have gone through the gap. There are lots of platforms in the next room, which move up and down. Belial will send you an illusion of your mother. Just use the amulet to get rid of her. The next chamber contains a labyrinth of stone columns, flaming spears and ice columns. You will also find the stone cuboid, the fireball and the ice ball again. Remember the three positions and destroy all three objects as fast as possible in the following order: Stone, ice, fire (for ice you will need level 3 “spark”, for fire level 3 “ghost”). *you can “find” Belial’s armour, or better yet steal it (if you play on normal, have sympathy and leave it to him). In the room with the stone and ice columns and the fire spears there is one part in each corner (ring, bracers, armour and arm rail). But you have to be VERY quickly unless you want Belial to wear them. The armour is the best in the whole game, the bracers … well… BUT when you wear the rails (I hope I don’t mistake them now) you will start burning. The fire will harm your opponents, but unfortunately also yourself. With the bracers and the armour on, you won’t be harmed, the ring turns the spark spells into fire spells* Now, Belial will summon his last illusion: The Draracle. The amulet of Dawn will solve this problem again (figuratively). Hack yourself through the door in the back. The best way to kill Belial, is to charge yourself with the bow by drawing his power and then kill him before he can do you much of a damage. The first time I played it, I had to follow him for an eternity, when writing this (at the second time) I killed him with two attacks. Well. Once he is dead, you will get the well-deserved ending sequence. During the final battle, you may stand in the pool in the back of the room, which makes you invincible if you heal yourself in a clever way (but you only need that on „very hard mode“).
Being evil, the real Draracle will appear to fight you, after Belial ist dead. After killing him, you will get an ending sequence of Luther taking some revenge.

*There are 5 different endings. Be good and kill Belial; die from Belial’s hand; wait too long in front of the last door; be evil, kill Belial and die from the Draracle’s hand (yes, the Draracle will try to kill you, because you have become a little bit megalomaniacal); and finally being bad and killing both Belial AND the Draracle. Furthermore, I must tell you that I only know all of this with bad way and blowing up the Huline village from a friend (thx to omelette thx to bigass). You can also go into the village after blowing it up, in case you have not attacked the guys before and get 5 ancient stones from the now dead king (which doesn’t help you at all, because you get six when you kill him with your own hands (thx to omelette))*

*...* Information by Birthe

*...* Information by Gevatter

thx to Rhabe

Evil way added by Praecipitator